If your going to say something SAY IT? …..OR NOT!

May 5, 2012

I’ve been having this “little” problem most of my life. I believe it’s called …… giving your opinion when it’s not wanted, or, needed!

You ever suffer from that????

Since retiring, I’ve found what works in industry maybe doesn’t always apply in an academic setting. My fellow students seem so mentally “fragile.” Their ego’s suffer terribly … or, it is possible mine has been abused so much over the years, its pretty difficult to dent it. …  Thats a shame!!!

Do we, as we grow, encounter life and it’s “normalties,” to become so immune to the psychological trama of daily controversy, atttude adjustment via a constant stream of encrotchment by our technology,  social interaction, and just “self-ego” that we don’t even know when we’ve crossed that “barrier of rudeness?” Or is it, we just don’t care anymore?

Odd, years ago, I would have used the “f” word as normal conversation … now it bothers me. I’m still kind-of an ego maniac, I just don’t say f… in conversation because now I find it rude … maybe not to the person that I’m talking with, but what about the impressionable person just walking by. “It’s kinda like second-hand-smoke.” And, I know a lot of folks  except rudeness as the nature of cultural change. Did you ever hear Mr. Rogers”  use that word or any other questionable language in his TV show? ……NO!!!!

Times have changed. And, I’m sure there are folks that feel I should get-over-it. Maybe your right … or not!!  At the university, I see the tee-shirts that say “If my music is to loud … your too old.” I remember having a tee like that in 1971.  I got-over-it!!!!

My argument is: its not the music volume, inappropriate language, or the second hand smoke ….. I believe that there are other people living along side us that may not share our values. That being said maybe you should consider them, … because you sure don’t want your life infringed upon … DO YOU???

I’m trying to be nicer to my young impressionable academic peers and maybe they wont grow up being …. RUDE. Like me.

*Course now, I read a saying a long time back: “To improve a man, you must start with his grandmother.” ( But, I’m not gonna put me and my behavior of being a “butt-head,” off on my grandmother or mother,’ they were both good women and God bless’m’ … what I am has been 90% self taught , so maybe I can 90% unteach me.)

You-all be well out-there!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bye and G’dae tuya!!!!!!



2 Responses to “If your going to say something SAY IT? …..OR NOT!”

  1. very nice post. perhaps it is age that gives us the wisdom to see all this. Blessings Dr. Sherry

    • Thanks for the comment. Sometimes I guestion my own judgements on this sort of thing. It just seems “almost nobody” cares about what they say and who may be effected by it. Talk about “child proofing” a TV …. you have to unplug it. Again, thnx and G’dae toya!! G.

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