Why should people continue to participate in some form of higher education ….

September 16, 2013

What a great semesterr it’s turning out to be. I’m taking two English literature classes that are just amazing. My poetry class is wonderment, and, as usual, LATIN is kick’n my butt. As I say; at 66 I’m gett’n smarter by the minute.

What a great “side-passion” continuing education is. And, it doesn’t have to be structured “academia.” Join a reading group, quilting, fishing, river conservation, stamp collecting, etc., anything that will get your mind in motion and off the mundane of everyday.

Go out and see things, talk with people you don’t know about interests; leave the “telly” off for the weekend and rent a canue, go to the beach fish’n pier and see what fish’n folks are fish’n for. Take in a rodeo, or a bike race or even better take a “short” road trip.

Go down to the local museum, or gallery. As Froto said, you never know where your feet will lead once you step out the door.

Thanks and have a great dae!



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  1. 1createblogs said

    Nice post !

  2. If I live a satisfied life, it will be full of classes. I’m noticing a lot more of them are offered online. Some of the free classes are even being offered by professors from Yale, Harvard and Stanford. What a positive direction for our culture to head in.

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