My community and “The Friends of the Library” …..

July 6, 2013

My dog and I went to our local farmer’s market today. There was lots of local produce, some other vendors of odds and ends, my local university had a booth along with a few local religious organizations. I’m starting to see more people of varied faiths offering native foods and ideals to this somewhat small south Georgia, U.S. community.

I remember back fifty years or so past when the farmers market here would have looked nothing as it is today. How we as a community have grown, and for the better I would like to think.

“The friends of the Library,” an organization of which I’m a member, were giving away free new children’s books – subjects and story content – varied to all ages and ethinic groups. That would never had happened way back when I was a child. HOW FAR WE HAVE COME! And we still, as a community and nation, have such a long way too go;  but, not as far as it was!!

All – have a greatdae!!



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