Is “Philanthorpy” the right direction for me?

January 2, 2013

I am concerned by this word that entails so much meaning. Merriam-Webster defines this ideal as: ” an act or gift done or made for humanitarian purposes.” To be candid about it, I’m not even sure how I got to this point in my life. I would like to think: “It had to be some preordained path or fate to allow me the discipline of wanting to help others; because, my life or notions never gave me reason to set such a path.”

I, like so many others, came up through the ranks of life in “survival” mode. As some of my former blogs will attest, I’ve survived sixty-five years of: twists, turns, bumps, bruises, bouts of ignorance that were just unbelievable, and now – I’m here.  A university student doing the “paper-chase;” looking for that golden apple I missed so long ago.  Amazing, to say the least!

Actually, I’m about to graduate; a year or so, if I continue on my 9 hour per semester schedule. (I’ll explain that: “I’m retired.” I like to fish, take it easy, … not work so hard.) About mid-July of 2012, I was sitting around mentally rewarding myself for my goal setting prowess and accomplishments therein. Then, out came this question: “What the hell have I actually accomplished in my life – besides making it here in almost one-piece?” I realized I had done some good things, bad things, and sadly, some “ugly” things; but – NO GREAT THINGS for others; no items to really “extend ” myself in a more sense of humanism.

To the point: “If I were going to write my legacy on my tomb-stone … what would it say?” Here lies George, and he should be remembered because of ………………………….. WHAT????????????

(*This blog, I started writing it several days ago only to: think and trash, think and trash, etc.)

It’s a new year, and with it,  I’ve decided to start my own foundation. There, I’ve said it!

I’ve chosen to do this fund through my “University Advancement and Gift Foundation” at GSU. My fund is listed as the : George K. Brannen English Scholarship Fund. and the acct # 3703. It’s not very big now, but I have aspirations. It’s mostly directed toward English scholars that want to go on to graduate school and teach. Lord knows we need good teachers in Georgia, U.S.A.; I think we rank something like the 20’s nation wide. (That’s a B average after everything is considered.  The classroom here has improved; but I would like to think it can be better.)  Many of the upper-class students that are serious Graduate school candidates need to travel to different seminars/workshops which can only enhance their abilities as future instructors. This takes money that many of them don’t have. So, I decided to try and do a little something to help.  In Georgia, if a person is 62 years or older, state University is FREE . Books are the only charge, and I buy those used, … cheep! cheep! I thought that is a good reason for me to try to return the favor and in turn … help my state gain a bit of educational respect. If my SGA (Student Government Association) can pony-up some money to help all students that go to school here; surely I could shoulder the cost of a few.

I’d really like to think: “It’s the right thing for me to do!”

Since I’m a bit of novice  at things like this, I’m not really sure where and what actions I will work at from here. I am sure, some direction will show-up if I pay attention. *Constructive ideas are most welcome! 

OK! That’s about it. Thanks for stopping by.

Good Year to everyone!!!




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