A New Year … A New Direction!

December 22, 2012

“Keep on going … On fishing and hunting trips, on exploring adventures, in baseball and tennis, in your school studies. It will be so in your chosen career. Anyone can start well. You can start with enthusiasm and joy and ambition. But, it is the finish that counts. All else is in vain if you don’t finish. The great thing to know is that.” – Zane Gray

This year is about to leave us. It’s been a very inspiring year for me: University has went well; therefore, I’ve given myself an added path into the future. My GPA is 3.81; not bad for being a member of the “older than dirt club.” I became a member of the Sigma Tau Delta (International English Honor Society). What amazes me so is who would have ever thought the young man aged 21 in 1973, totally “anti-establishment, I might add,” would end up being so directed to finish an education. Just goes to show, the direction you envisioned so many years ago has evolved into another destination quit unseen.

So, in resolution to this, I believe I’m about to launch a new blog-page. I’ve been privileged enough in my life to have worked with some diligence and conservatism; managed to stay away from any “legal” confrontations (I’m not really sure how I’ve managed that). I think it’s time for me to attempt to offer a helping hand to others; a bit of added assistance in this most precarious society in which we find ourselves. I’ve come to understand the importance of education, and the impact that force has on our world. All that being said, I’ve launched a Foundation, small but energized at my university, for English majors choosing to teach others as their direction in life. My new blog-page will circle around that choice by my peers, and the intended impact I’m hoping they will bring to our world.

I wish all well. Thanks for the past, and I look forward to the future.


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