Illiteracy…. blessing or curse?

October 20, 2012

I’m sure most of us have thought what our personal world would be like if we were illiterate. At most, we don’t really give it much thought unless we work or are associated in a field with folks that are illiterate.  I know for the most part, I don’t!

I have a yard man (guy that does odd jobs for me) that is illiterate. He is 66 yrs old and has worked in “pulpwood” in south Georgia all his life. Hard dirty work! Started when he was just a boy cause his family needed the money. Raised a family, has grandchildren, got hurt on the job some years ago and nobody cared, now he just picks up odd jobs; and can’t read a “lick.” If I buy a new tool with any type special instructions, a weird on/off switch, I have to explain how it works. He gets really frustrated about it. (I know! I know! We as a society have programs for folks that have “fallen through the cracks.”

But, sometimes the net doesn’t catch everybody.

Actually, this post isn’t about my yard guy; it’s about the students that are graduating from schools now that don’t have “passable” reading, writing and math skills. The year is 2012. We have hand-held gizmos that can tell us the distance to Saturn faster than I can write it. And we have students that CAN”T READ OR WRITE!

We have money to sponsor “THE DOGS OF WAR,” but, won’t pay our teachers in my state a decent wage, so they won’t  leave and go elsewhere. My university professors haven’t had a raise in 7yrs, but … we can build a new football stadium??????????

Look at the money spent on this upcoming election. BILLIONSSSSSSSSSSS THATS  WITH/A “B”!!

I don’t know, there just seems to be something awfully “STINKY” here.

Illiteracy …. blessing or curse????

Either way, it needs our attention!!


Gooddae!     G.


2 Responses to “Illiteracy…. blessing or curse?”

  1. I can’t imagine my life without being able to read. At my work we had a couple who were illiterate, we had to always read them our menu everyday. I can understand older people who have “fallen through the cracks” but I can’t comprehend people my own age not possessing that ability.

    • Thanks for the comment. With the potential wealth of this country and the “zeal” of our leaders to wanting to be the best (our so they say), why then do they always want to pour *billions* of $ into Pentagon spending and allow our education system to lag so desperately. I believe the “might” of the future will be in “high-tech” brain power, not who has the “biggest” war-toys. Course, that’s just my opinion! Don’t forget to vote, and U B WELL! G.

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