Is the art of cursive script going the way of “The Dead Sea Scrolls?”

October 14, 2012

My mother was adept at the art of cursive script; a talent for writing with the hand to produce wondrous letters that would just hold me in awe to watch her work her ability on paper. I’m pleased to sit in a class room and “ponder” the wonders of today with younger folks 40years or more my junior. They’re all so quick with the latest electronic gizmo’s that do just about anything, and all in the “flash of the eye.” Technology is a wondrous tool. I’ve found most of the students don’t know anything about a world without some type of PDA of the latest “Apple” smart-what-ever. Most can “thumb” faster than I can write. I suppose that’s the new language.

Each generation feels a loss of an art form when time and “the new” go past’m. I think for me, it will be the ability to write cursive. I guess with that being said, I should take more pride in my ability. … I don’t.

I look upon some of my peer groups attempts at hand-writing, and mostly I see “broken print.” And you know –  it’s not their fault. I feel we as a society are giving the past away all in the name of progress. This is “post-modernism” at its best. Its been happening since the dawn of time.

I’m not sure if I have an argument that differs from any of the other arguments that have come before mine!

THE AVANT-GARDE … so much to learn, so little time!!





3 Responses to “Is the art of cursive script going the way of “The Dead Sea Scrolls?””

  1. A lot of schools don’t teach it anymore. They told me it was just for writing checks.

    • Anonymous said

      I think it’s sad! Next, it’ll be Crayolla! 😦
      I appreciate your response.

  2. Sarah said

    It is a sad thought that is might be a dying art. Then again, my own handwriting has been described as “the most beautiful, illegible writing I’ve ever seen” by one of my professors decades ago. I have to say it hasn’t improved much! Love the post!

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