NOUN or ADJECTIVE: A reality soon for many!

April 28, 2012

May is upon us, and with that annual fifth month of the calendar year comes reality check for many. It’s graduation time; and whether it be highschool college, or grad-school, the clock starts ticking. You’ll walk out of that hall, or off that field, with a piece of paper in the left hand and a quarter in the right. The left hand indicates how others measure you. The right hand holds the truth.

Are you as accomplished as others say? Or, are you here to fish or cut bait? Are you a Noun or an adjective? Such small questions. Such big answers.

What they don’t tell you when you enter the academic fray is there are only so many top dog spots. Along the way, if you paid attention, read the writing on the wall, listened to people who had a bit more experience at life than you, chose the right mentor, walked the true path, … then the reality you’re about to experience will be a lot easier.

Do not fear the unknown. Acknowledge it, and it will serve you well. Ignore it, or don’t give it it’s due respect, … tears will fall.


With that small piece of advice (not meant to scare you, just some added motivation for the journey thru the badlands)

I believe, I and everyone else, who are not taking part in one of the most important moments in your life, wish you only the best in the future endeavors you embark upon. Life can be so good, make the most of it and prosper.

The Best Of Luck To You All.

Thanks for stopping bye, and don’t forget to wave!!!!!!



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