Is there a time to enjoy Leisure through a Work experience?

April 22, 2012

Does life hold that for everyone?  Leisure while Working? If not – it should!

I been reading a non-fiction narrative called Crafting the Personal Essay by Dinty W. Moore, and in this essay, the author points out how work, leisure, and humor can conbine into a very “rich” experience. He questions the art of work and that of leisure; arguing that there are many pleasures to be found through, maybe not enjoying the job you have, but how you admire your ability at doing that particular task. The message sent is: to admire your body and mental control of the feats you do, and find pride in your physical stealth to accomplish a job of quality whether its digging a ditch, cleaning laundry, building a structure or office work. All feats of achievement should add a bit of leisure through the pride you hold within yourself.

I, like most others, do the everyday tasks with some haste and less then 100% need for perfection. I find, I’ll except less quality from myself to gain time for leisure. Moore suggests live a bit of mental leisure in-lue of chastising yourself while doing something your not exactly ‘excited” about. The end product of the job may be the same, but you may feel differant … better, more alive, maybe a little spark of added energy … may be worth a try.

I like getting a little “extra” perspectives of life’s treasures.

They help!!

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