Do you ever feel anguish about not getting published?

March 31, 2012

I do, but not so much anymore. But, ya know, I was reading a narrative essay by Anne Lamott, a published instructor of writing, and she was saying:”getting published is not the point, getting published shows that you have arrived. It gives you purpose.” What a good perspective.

I, of course, am new at the “writing for publication” world and realize I need to tune my craft a bit more, which I might add is ok with me. As I go back and edit some of the work I’ve sent out … I’m not sure if I would publish it either. That being said, it makes me a better writer, listener and critical reader.

I applaud people who can sit down and just draft and redraft, then use a bit of “air brush” and they’re narrative or whatever is look’n good. Thats not me yet … BUT, I will persevere.

I also have no thoughts of ever making a living at writing. I’m retired. Already made my living, now I get to do what I couldn’t all those years in the “industry of the employed”.  Chase after things that are fun to chase, mysteries with worth. Write essays of memoir, personal issues and just what delights me.

To read the great, and not-so-great, authors of the 18th, 19th, and 20th century. To relish over a new published writer with stories to tell. So little time, so much to read.

I started going to the library in I believe 1951, give or take a year or two. All children should be library seasoned. Whether it be: paperback, on-line, or all the really neat “reader-gadgets” out there. What a world of literary information is open to every one of every age and it should not go unexplored.

Oh well, I’ve had my say.

Thank you for stopping bye and be well.


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