Writ’n: off-the-cuff?

March 23, 2012

*end of winter*

Walk down the tree lined corridor, everyday, at university.  The faces of tomorrow lightened with ideals and hunger: some in a hurry, some in laughter, some absent of either.

Book bags, ipods, razors, smart phones, ipads, laptops; all techno beings. One or two “crusers”… lotsa bikes & skate-boards = 140 mph … flatout. Watch the pedestrians!

The Sidewalk Cafe: capacinos to fried chicken – whatever you can stuff down between classes; slide your card and go … no cash here – starving artists.

Springtime … the breakfast of champions! How can one not be in love with something or someone? Birds, bees, ducks from the lake … blankets on the ground, under trees of buds.

Sundresses, shorts, tanned legs, cleaveage, muscle shirts … stroll’n.





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