Predestined … is there really such a phenomenan??

March 15, 2012

I haven’t written any blog lately due to the fact I’ve been preoccupied with a course in non-fiction. We are pretty much indulged with memoir, personal essay, and literary non-fiction writing. I’ve just finished a rather lengthy discourse on memoir. I think, I’ve always believed in “predestination”, not Calvinism ( not that I have a problem with that particular religious faith or any other), but “is there a promise you must keep” kind?  When you look back on your life and you realized that some of the zig’n and zag’n your path took really wasn’t up to you. I realize that people go “in harms way” all the time; everything a person does has a possibility of not turning out the way they pictured.

I look at me.  I’m 64 and have survived high school, war, drug addiction, cancer, organ transplant, dangerous industrial work and stuff I can’t even remember. And, here I set, typing on this keyboard. If there is “a promise I must keep,” I wonder what it is? And, after I keep that “promise”; well, what happens then? Is it just another day of some sort of enlightenment? Or maybe you won’t even know you have achieved your vow.

Or maybe, this issue is just all imagination of the human intellect. Maybe, it’s what I want to believe. It could just be one step farther for our species?

Or, it may be a religious thing. Thats questionable to me and I may be wrong (won’t be the last time). My mother believed in religion. I hope she was right. She was a nice person. She deserved to go to “heaven”. Bless her!!

Well, maybe I’ll figure it out tomorrow. I’m excited!!!

Thanks for stopping bye!!!


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  1. Thank you for sharing your life-long learning experiences! I feel you are an inspiration to others, so I have nominated you for “Very Inspiring Blogger” award. You can find the details here:

    • should have gotten back toya sooner … i didn’t. everyday, my life is such a “measure” of nice. thanks for the award mention … don’t no what to say. I’ve sent some of my pieces out for publication … we’ll see … its fun. if you had told me 40yrs ago i’d do the above … i’da called you silly. been reading some Ezra Pound … odd. the award … its nice of you … thnx and you b well

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