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February 29, 2012

Haven’t felt like blogging in awhile. Life is goin so well … to tell the truth, I’m not sure what to do with it cause … I have several great options and their both winners. As some know and some don’t, I’m retired and my second occupation is “education” and the absorption there of.  Heres the deal. My first and foremost quest is to become “educated” i.e. obtain a Bachelors in something. I have a an Associates in Applied Science and a lifetime of technical certs from a lifetime of work. What I don’t have … is a four-year-you-done-it-degree!!!!

My two educational loves are Literature and Writing. And this is where the “tear” comes in. Over the years (40 or so) I’ve managed to gather lotsa college credits; so that puts me on a 4000-5000 level course choices, and I’ve been adding to that for the last year or two. My EPA is 3.85 which gives me more “leverage”.

Therein lies the problem! In the state of Georgia, USA, if your over  the age of 62, all levels of University is free, including Graduate school. (I just have to pickup my book expense … and, with all the used book dealers out there, is no big deal.)  I can graduate with a General Studies degree next  Fall. My English-Lit professor wants me to go on to Graduate School, but, to do that she would like me to go back and pickup some 1000 and 2000 level courses in Latin and such; maybe some lower level Lit courses for foundation purposes. To do that would put me probably 2 years away from a BA.

Its pretty hard to do a double major in Gen Studies ( this degree is made up of three minors) with a total of 126 credit hours.

I mean, it’s not like I need to get outa school and find a job …. done did that. Worked thirty-five years … THAT B ENOUGH!

So, that be my problem. Its just such a worry-some thing.

Thanks for stopping bye!!    G.


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