So, 2 weeks … I Sae TWO weeks into the semester …

January 26, 2012


Life is good!! The temp was 73 today, Sunny … warm; it’s mid January. Everybody, including meself, wear’n shorts and tee’s to class. Life is Good!!

Things are starting to flow; everyones starting to get to know one another; folks that are gonna drop a class … have; the prof’s are starting to fine tune and all systems are go. Spent a great deal of time in the library today, spin’n up for the “paperchase”.

Theres gonna be a LOT of read’n an writ’n this semester. OMG … what have I done to myself??

Was this what I was really entertaining?  One blogger suggested I should read more “Zombee” nonfiction … “tales from the crypt” and such. Maybe some “slash and burn” mideval themes … Spanish Inquistion … the rake … “Braum Stoker’s’ Daracula ( one of my favorites, I might add). We’re gonna do some Poe – “The Tell Tale Heart” … tick toc.

Maybe by midterm:        …. Don’t yah just love’m??   This is what happens when I come home from classes and start read’n comments and listen’n to “Meatloaf”.

All in all, its been a great week. Think I’ll go fish’n this weekend. Helps me think … ponder’n nature and all. What an amazing planet we inhabit with other species. I was walk’n me dog yesterday morning and there was this little finch in a bush not far from our path. I was astonished by the amount of vocal power this  this critter hard. We walked on about a block and that  bird still sounded like he was sing’n through a “Bose” system.

I’ll tellya … I ain’t never!!

I think I’ll dedicate this blog inspiration to a young lady that blogs by:

If your into “zombyites” … or not. Seems nice and writes some interesting stuff. Chk her out!!

Everyone … have a great week!!!!

Remember; Live life … its good4ya!!!       🙂


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  1. Dude, you are crazy! Thanks for the dedication and have fun fishing!

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