It be touch & and go there for a bit; but …

January 19, 2012

… prevail; yes, by golly, I believe we did! Oh wonders of wonder … the first week of the new semester is behind us.  I always feel this way when I wade into the dark, unkown waters of a new academic era and I’m able to surface and count, yep … ten fingers and ten toes, they be all there. I do have a few slight bruises on me “bum” where I slipped, but nothing that needs stitches. What a great week its been; a lot of folks from last semester are in my classes this Spring; my professors are all solidly into it and all systems are go. Life is Good!

Jezzzzzzzzz … I’m so easy to please!!!!!    

Live life … its good 4ya!!!!      🙂


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