Jan 17, 2012 … Another step do I take on the mental promenade …

January 15, 2012

… A fresh new semester takes off at GSU. For those enticed in the genre of academia stimulus, an assault on the five senses is about to get underway. I was riding my bike around campus today just to get an air of expectancy to charge my “batteries”. Some of the student shops were open: The Bagel Shop, General Store, Starbucks and a few of the other eateries. A few students and some parents were meandering about; taking the opportunity before the frantic “paper chase” begins.

I have never doubted my return  to University wasn’t the right choice for me. What a great opportunity I have … I shall not squander it! Even though I only go part-time (nine hours per semester), I feel I wouldn’t want it to get in the way of my main passion … that would be Bass fish’n. But, what would the world of nature be if I couldn’t acquaint it through themes of literary and prose. I believe my interest in the scholastics would definitely suffer. Would my creative writing and the many uses of the metaphor be in distress? In my Engl lit classes, would my dramatic prose I write on Hemingway fall flat. I have great professors that soar with passions unbounded; I seek the same fire!!!!!

This semester, I’m indulging myself with the prose of: Irving, Poe, Hawthorne, Faulkner, Salinger and Steinbeck to name a few. A creative writing course in line with the best of non-fiction. And lastly, I’ll take a historic romp with that willy, old fox … Theodore Roosevelt.

Charge on!! I say. Charge On!!

Live life … its good 4ya!!      G.  🙂


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  1. This is very inspirational! It’s so great to see someone showing that anyone can can do anything at any point in their life!

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