I’m in a “perplexed” wae …

January 11, 2012

… why is it, so few people are unwilling to “pay the piper” when it comes to their future? I’m speaking primarily of the younger folks that I meet and go to the university with.  I know when I graduated from high school, in the mid-sixties, if a person had a college degree in anything … the world was theirs. NOT SO ANYMORE!! And if the truth be known, employers don’t care if a person doesn’t want to go the extra mile. There others out there that will!

In community College, where I went several years ago,  most of those folks were local w/families and were there to enhance their knowledge for one reason or another. Only a small percentage considered having to make a major life change upon graduation.

Now, that I’m at GSU, I find so many talented and extremely intelligent folks that have already decided that if they can’t have life on their terms … their just “not gonna play”. Of course, there’s always reasons why a person can’t just pull up stakes and go to wherever. For some its family, medical or other circumstances involved. However, I see the Graduate School interns willing to do whatever and  go wherever to finish their quest; only to limit themselves  to gain work experience, which is such a valued commodity in today’s job market.

And student loans, the cost of education … unbelievable!!!! What a scary concept; to come out of academia and have a debt “albatross” hanging around one’s neck. AT my university, there is a considerable number of men and women in the ROTC programs … yeah, for them. My country needs them and I’m proud they’ve chosen that path.

I suppose what I’m really trying to say … there be nothing FREE in life. Everything has a cost!!

I’ll get off my soap box now. This has just been on my mind for a while and I appreciate your patience. Have a greatdae!!

and remember; Live life … its good 4ya!!!


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