Ode to the “couch potato”! Throughout the holidays; lazy does have …

January 6, 2012

… a genuine appealing quality to it. Ah, the bliss of being mentally numb!

I have to admit, I like to give my gray matter a rest. But, you know, time doesn’t stand still; its like a runaway train and its up to me if I want to ride or not. I’m glad I feel the need to jump right back on. Times-ah-waste’n! I really feel it’ll be a great year. Last semester at school really inspired me to look forward to learning new things, meeting new people and applying myself in directions I’ve never been before. Maybe I’ll do a  poem to get a good start.

Striving For Self:

Oh … look at us go; some fast, some slow.

What you thought you’d captured when young,

Your mind only tells you … theres still farther to go.

You knell on knees,trying to find the songs to be sung.

Your out-stretched hands just within reach,

But, … never quit touching!

Before I leave this blog, I’d like to share something with everyone. At Georgia Southern University, we, like most other outstanding institutes of higher learning, have a great writing program. Aligned with GSU is a very good literary journel, The Clapboard House, which is linked to WordPress.com: http://clapboardhouse.wordpress.com . If anyone is into creative writing fiction, poetry or other literary interests … check it out.

Thanks and have a greatdae.  George

Remember:  Live life … it’s good 4ya!!


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  1. kindra said

    Loved the poem. I admire what you’re doing … there have been times when I’ve considered it myself..

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