Looking for mental stimulation to get them ol’ neurons firing …

January 1, 2012

… ever thought about maybe taking up a bit of formal academia? No matter how you look at it … age plays havoc on your mental capabilities. By the time you get through all that life presents: family, job, and probably just plain “stuff”.  You finally have time to catch your breath …  maybe its ok to have some fun.

I know with me, now that I don’t have to worry about chasing a GPA of 4.0, I can go to school just for the sheer joy of learning. Personally, I enjoy a General Studies curriculum. It allows me to study essay’s of Faulkner, art, folklore, the history of nations and man as a species; everything that fills my curiosity spot. I’ve met doctors that enjoy classes on pottery, marketing professionals in art class and college professors that take in lectures by their peers.

It seems odd to me that the area of structured academia – especially at a college level – should be so void of “older students”. Traveled folks that know so much about life.

The impact between youthful inexperience and the process of “been there, done that” is such a great adventure for all. It sparks energy in me I’ve though long forgotten. Lecture and discussion are one of my greatest mental recreations. Entertainment given due to professors and students working together drawn by the “chase”. Oh … ‘the sparks do fly”!

At end, a person’s quest for mental stimulation doesn’t have to be at a major university; maybe a community college or a continuing educational program, a book club, blogging or just a get-to-gether with others of similar interests will serve the purpose. I feel it important not to let age be a deterring factor for mental stimulation.

As an ad I once remember seeing indicated;”a mind is a terrible thing to waste”.

I wish everyone a great and satisfying New Year!

Live life … it’s good 4ya!!


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