12 reasons why I continue my education and maybe you should too!!

December 27, 2011

1. What a great way to challenge your brain when your “older than dirt.”

2. Gets you outa the house and away from the “Tee-v”.

3. Your generally the oldest (I didn’t say smartest) person in the room; but, nobody cares.

4. The instructors don’t “cut you no slack” … it’s either put up or shutup.

5. You get to find out what you really learned in high school cause it was soooo long ago.

6. You get too imput on some of the history periodicals … due to the fact you were there and your younger peers didn’t think people lived that long.

7. It makes an impression when the students find out you really weren’t born knowing how to text … lol.

8. All the students in your classes know your name, but you don’t have a clue what theirs is …”thats a way to stimulate your memory neutrons !”

9.Those with a small social base …. prepare to have it enlarged … and with it … your social “consciousness”.

10. Expand your cultural experience by taking in “the multi-cultural events” put on by the students … from Opera to Pottery … “I don’t remember being that talented when I was that young”.

11. Taking courses that you didn’t even know existed and you still can’t figure out why what your suppose to do with the information.

12. The thought of actually achieving your  academic goals … “walk’n the walk and talk’n the talk”… Priceless!!!


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  1. kindra said

    I understand it must be very gratifying … good for you that you had the possibility to do it!

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