Returning to college after all these years … Priceless!!!!

December 20, 2011

This education scheme started out in the 70’s, after the military and with nothing better to do than use the GI Bill. After moving around the country and as many colleges, it was clear that my head wasn’t into formal education so off into the distance sun, I rode. Little did I know … life would take up a great deal of my time and I wouldn’t return to the honored halls of academia for so many years later.

I, like so many other baby boomers, got laid off and with all good intentions of returning to the work force. I looked; but my heart just wasn’t interested. What I really wanted to do was go to back to school. It had been forever since I’d seen any read’n, writ,n and rithmetic books much less the inside of a “real” classroom. My biggest hurdle was my own insecure self. I knew “how to make a living”, the real question; could I compete in a classroom, against young people who could be my grandchildren? I restarted my academic life by chosing the rigors of a Community College … that was a wise move. Not only did I find a great welcome committee, the college staff couldn’t have been more helpful.

That all happened a couple of years ago, and now I’m a senior at Georgia Southern University. At 64, who would have thought I’d be chasing a college education.

It’s Christmas break, and what a great semester it was: all the new people I meet, my classes went well, went to several literary readings by students in or working on their Masters Programs, took in a student opera and several lectures by outside speakers. I have a lot of folks ask what I plan to do when I graduate. I’d like to think I’ll stay retired and put my education to work at maybe volunteer services. What a “new world” it is. I’ve gotten into watching foreign film, you know, the kind with English subtitles. My interests seem to be moving in some mysterious directions.  Should be a great holiday!!

Returning to college after all these years … Priceless!!

U B Well!!!


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  1. Fran Loyd said

    Merry Christmas to you! Enjoyed your post about getting a “late” education. I started college when I was in my mid-thirties, but never finished. I took all the classes I wanted, then life got in the way when I started my construction company. I still have the construction company, but am winding it down.

    My new interest is helping people to understand what a simple greeting card system can do for them personally, their companies and to bring in extra income if needed. Many years ago, my best friend told me that I should have been a teacher. Now I am using those skills to help people learn about SendOutCards. Lots of new things to learn and pass on to others.

    At almost 70, I am loving what I do! Fran

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